Better Science.
Better Colostrum.

The PerCōBa® philosophy is simple: nourish your body with the best Mother Nature has to offer & watch it flourish.

45 Years of Perfecting Colostrum.

For more than 45 years our family business has been partnering with America’s farmers to keep animals healthy—and colostrum has been a big part of that. We know firsthand colostrum is miraculous and we always treat it like the extremely valuable commodity that it is. 

The Perfect Colostrum Balance

We work closely with our farmers to ensure their calves get what they need and excess colostrum is collected in the best way possible—preserving all the bioactive nutrients for future use. Our collection and preservation process isn’t easy, but it’s worth it because it delivers the highest quality and most consistent colostrum available. We call it the Perfect Colostrum Balance (PerCōBa®). In fact, we supply wholesale colostrum to many other colostrum retailers all over the country from our location in Fennimore, Wisconsin.

Preserving What's Natural

As research began to show how much colostrum can help people too, we decided it was important to offer PerCōBa® to consumers. Of course, since we’ve done so much research and testing ourselves, we know you can’t improve upon the original colostrum formula from Mother Nature. That’s why we never alter or dilute PerCōBa®—just painstakingly preserve what’s already there so you can get the purest, best colostrum supplement available. Other companies add fillers or process their colostrum to try and concentrate certain nutrients.

However, this runs counter to what we’ve seen in the data on the best way to leverage colostrum’s benefits, which is to not mess with Mother Nature’s formula.