Quality Colostrum Begins with Collecting the Best Raw Material

Not all colostrum supplements are equal

Some companies use a mix of colostrum from different milking periods, reducing the bioactives. Some collect colostrum from multiple cows in the same container, limiting quality control. Some filter it to concentrate certain nutrients, which can eliminate the smallest ones (like thymosin, which is critical for immunity health).

To get the full benefits (and your money’s worth), your colostrum must be handled with extreme care—from cow to you. We’ve spent 45+ years perfecting this proprietary, cold-chain process that ensures PerCōBa® is the best supplement you can buy.

Ensuring Colostrum Purity

Learn more about how we attain high colostrum purity! Our colostrum is extracted ethically, from a single cow. Here is how we do it.

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