TEST Football Academy, a top authority in the nation for preparing college football players for the NFL, includes First Milking Colostrum in its sports nutrition supplementation program. First Milking Colostrum is the most nutrient-dense colostrum available today. It provides gut health and immune support as well as faster recovery.*

In this video, owner/CEO Kevin Dunn comments on the importance of having products that work as hard as the players. “That’s what’s going to make the difference between creating a good athlete and creating a great athlete.”

In addition to player testimonials, this video gives more staff feedback about colostrum. “We have a short amount of time with these players. How can we get the best out of that time?” reflects Director of Football Operations Geir Gudmundsen. “With Inner Armour and colostrum, we can do that.” 

“Colostrum gives us that edge that we need to get the extra rep, to get those times as low as we can,” agrees Dunn. He concludes. “Before we proceed with adding specific things into a program like this, it has to make sense. We have to take a long, hard look at the science that backs all of it up, regardless of what it is, from the training perspective to a nutrition or a sports nutrition supplementation perspective. If there is an edge that we can give our players, we’re going to find it.”